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Mike Shedlock - Sat Mar 31

The restraint of peak oil coupled with potential political instability and the proper conclusion is that long-term Chinese growth of 7.5% is Fantasyland material. ... more

AP News - Sun Dec 11

AP News - Tue Nov 8

Sandy Rios - Tue Nov 8

It’s hard to take a victim seriously when she laughs as she tells her story of “victimhood.” Even though her voice broke briefly during the most explicit parts of the public statement, Sharon Bialek’s claims of sexual harassment by Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain were just another silly spectacle orchestrated by America’s most unscrupulous feminist attorney, Gloria Allred. ... more

Mark W. Hendrickson - Tue Nov 8

Decades of government intervention into economic activity have produced economic distortions, sluggish growth, an unsupportable debt burden, and a rotten financial structure ready to collapse of its own dead weight. In spite of that record, most Europeans want more government. That’s their choice. Like it or not, sooner or later, we reap what we sow. ... more