Barney Frank on Townhall

Kevin Glass - Sun Aug 3

Democratic former Congressman Barney Frank of Massachusetts, in an interview with the Huffington Post, slammed President Obama on the rollout of Obamacare - going so far as to accuse the President of blatantly lying to people. ... more

Rachel Alexander - Mon Nov 18

The Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, sarcastically known as Dodd-Frankery and Dodd-Frankenstein, was passed into law in response to the financial crisis and recession of 2008. ... more

Mark Calabria - Tue Sep 24

John Ransom - Sat Jul 20

Daniel Doherty - Fri Jan 4

America - Fri Jul 27

The Congressman throws a fit when he doesn't get softball questions from CNBC host Maria Bartiromo. ... more

Bill O'Reilly - Sat Jul 21

Really, I don't know why so many people are annoyed with President Obama for saying that personal success is almost always a product of our system in America, with the benevolent federal government leading the way. Certainly, that's true, and I will attempt to prove it based on a brand-new investigation of very successful folks. ... more

Robert Knight - Tue Jun 26

Out here in Amish country, an island of tranquility amid America’s frenetic culture, news of the titanic power struggle over ObamaCare in Washington seeps in like unwanted flotsam. You catch glimpses of it when tourists check their iPhones or overhear people talking about it over their shoefly pie and coffee. ... more

Mass. - Tue May 29

See Frank's odd reference to Trayvon Martin at the UMASS - Dartmouth undergraduate ceremony. ... more

Michael Reagan - Wed Apr 25

I don't know if it's Dodd-Frank. Or if it's Barney Frank and Christopher Dodd themselves. Or if it's just the big bankers. But the reality is, our banking system is completely screwed up when it comes to getting a home loan. ... more

Ralph Benko - Wed Apr 11

Why is Rep. Barney Frank rounding up his liberal legislative militia to oppose the Sound Dollar Act of 2012? This is a bill recently introduced by Rep. Kevin Brady, top Republican on the Congressional Joint Economic Committee. It is co-sponsored by 31 of his House colleagues and has a Senate counterpart from Utah’s Mike Lee. ... more

Kevin Glass - Wed Feb 29

Charlotte Hays - Tue Jan 17

Although I nightly hang upon every word Bill O’Reilly spews forth in his “Talking Points Memo,” I must take issue with Mr. O’s dour, pre-Iowa assessment of the magnificent legislative achievements of Rep. Ron Paul. ... more