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Mike Shedlock - Mon Jul 15

Mike Shedlock - Fri May 24

By the way, this is yet another warning call "If you have money in Spanish banks, move it somewhere else immediately!" ... more

Reuters News - Wed May 22

John Ransom - Fri May 10

The numbers don’t suggest that the New York Attorney General is trying to help anyone but himself. You see, the State of New York has paid $176,991.15 to find each of 339 violations, assuming every violation would be provable in a court of law. It would be much more efficient just to give homeowners enough cash to get current on their homes. ... more

Bob Beauprez - Fri Apr 19

As recently as 2006, private sector financing was double that of government sources, but not any more. ... more

Ransom Notes Radio - Sat Apr 13

Analysts are rightly pointing out that Banks are making profits, despite making few loans and seeing fundamentals deteriorate. By the way: Did you know the Senate Democrats blocked a resolution to honor Lady Thatcher? And, of course, Ezra Klein is still an idiot. ... more

John Ransom - Thu Mar 28

Obama, John McCain and others- like Paul Krugman- who head up the Bad Idea Brigade, will likely import Cypriot banking methods to the US very soon. The risky politicians and their Liberal Conscience, would love for you to think the crisis is about the evil banks, the shady depositors, their greed and lust for money. ... more

Mike Shedlock - Mon Mar 25

The damage has been done. There should be and can be no trust. Anyone who keeps more money in Southern European banks than they need to pay immediate bills is a fool. ... more