Bank of America on Townhall

Floyd and Mary Beth Brown - Mon Nov 7

On this wild continent is carved a marvelous home, unrivaled around the globe. Only an idiot would want to trade in this heritage for the porridge of our poorer cousins in Europe. ... more

J.D. Thorpe - Thu Nov 3

Many – including the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) crowd – have expressed outrage over Bank of America’s recent attempt to charge customers a $5 monthly fee to use their debit card. These people deplored the move and used it as another symbol of greedy Wall Street “Robber Barons” sticking it to the little guy. ... more

Mike Shedlock - Thu Oct 20

The "Occupy Wall Street" Movement would be better advised to protest the Fed and Congress rather than protest Wall Street and Bank of America because the Fed and Congress are responsible for the bailouts. ... more