Attack ad on Townhall

Wayne Allyn Root - Thu Apr 16

Matt Vespa - Fri Sep 5

Stay classy, folks. ... more

Christine Rousselle - Thu May 8

Dewhurst isn't going to "let it go" any time soon. ... more

Washington, DC - Fri Mar 2

DC transit authority says the ad in the DC metro is protected by the First Amendment and refuses to pull it. ... more

Michael Barone - Mon Jan 23

Those who take a certain pleasure in denouncing the evils negative political advertising should have spent the last week in South Carolina. They could have plunked down in front of TV sets, especially during morning, early evening and late evening news programs, and by adroit use of the remote control seen one negative spot after another. ... more

Linda Chavez - Fri Jan 13

It's bad enough when Democrats start playing class warfare, but when Republican presidential contenders begin using phrases like "vulture capitalism," it's time to be really worried. ... more

Debra J. Saunders - Thu Jan 5

As the results of the Iowa caucuses dribbled in, Americans got to see how the GOP candidates greeted victory and defeat. Top vote-getter Mitt Romney was gracious toward Rick Santorum, who came in second by eight thin votes, but uninspiring as he pledged to get America back to work. ... more Staff - Thu Dec 29 Staff - Thu Dec 29 Staff - Thu Dec 29