ashley judd on Townhall

Rich Galen - Fri Apr 12

Lots of dribs and drabs to talk about today. ... more

Washington, D.C. - Thu Apr 11

The Senate's top Republican, Mitch McConnell, wants an FBI investigation into a recording made of him and his staff talking about the mental health of actress Ashley Judd, a one-time potential political rival. ... more

Rich Galen - Fri Mar 29

Among the many very nice comments I got for Wednesday's MULLINGS (Our Talking Points Society) was a reader who asked (in essence) "If Fox News Channel is so far ahead of MSNBC and CNN why did the GOP lose the Presidential election last Fall?" ... more

Washington, D.C. - Thu Mar 28

Ashley Judd says she won't run for U.S. Senate in Kentucky against Republican Leader Mitch McConnell. The actress made the announcement in a Twitter message. ... more