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Paul Greenberg - Wed Jan 7

Paul Greenberg - Fri Sep 26

Emmett Tyrrell - Thu Sep 4

Suzanne Fields - Fri May 9

Thomas Sowell - Tue Apr 30

Someone called politics "the art of the possible." But, in the era of the modern welfare state, politics is largely the art of the impossible. ... more

Suzanne Fields - Fri Apr 5

"Art" can smooth the rough edges of life, nurturing beauty and imagination, and showing a different and provocative way of looking at the world, but artists -- and museums and galleries that show their work -- are sometimes surprised by the hostile reception their works provoke. ... more

Krista Kafer - Thu Mar 28

The art of persuasion is a bit like billiards; finesse beats force. It’s easy to imagine the opposite is true. I’ll admit I’ve daydreamed about delivering a hard-hitting speech packed with statistics and elegant phases to family members or friends who immediately cast aside their long held beliefs convinced that my position is the one right path. ... more