Anwar Al-Awlaki on Townhall

FT Meyer, Virginia - Fri Sep 30

President Obama gives his commentary on the death of a high profile leader of Al Queda. ... more

Cliff May - Thu Aug 4

Who deserves the blame for the terrorist attacks in Norway? My answer would be the perpetrator and no one else -- unless it turns out there really is a modern Knights Templar or some other organized movement that sent him on his mission of mass murder. ... more

Diana West - Wed May 25

I have my doubts about the deputy commanding general of Ft. Hood. Despite overwhelming evidence that Hasan committed an act of jihad, DiSalvo -- like the Army, like the U.S. government -- looks the other way. ... more

Larry Kudlow - Thu May 5

The original post-9/11 goal was to kill bin Laden and wipe out al-Qaida. Now that we've killed bin Laden and dismantled so much of al-Qaida, do we really need to trudge through an even longer war in Afghanistan? ... more

Douglas MacKinnon - Thu Jan 13

Today, Giffords - an incredibly dedicated and decent public servant - lays wounded in a Arizona hospital, while six others who stood near her, were murdered. Yet, the news coverage of her wounding far eclipses the killings at Fort Hood. Why? ... more

Debra J. Saunders - Sun Jan 2

While WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is celebrating his $1 million-plus book deal on a 600-acre estate and enjoying his status as a lefty fringe hero, former cartoonist Molly Norris is in hiding. ... more

Austin Bay - Wed Nov 10

Last April, President Barack Obama placed al-Qaida terrorist and unabashed American traitor Anwar al-Awlaki on the CIA's "capture or kill" list. ... more