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The conventions have come and gone, but as always, the TV network "news" coverage of Tampa and Charlotte demonstrated once again that these people have no intention of trying to be equally positive or equally aggressive with the two major parties. Their obvious, but unstated, agenda is to drag Obama over the finish line to re-election. ... more

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"He didn't just see a tangle of plastic and tubes; he saw our beautiful little girl, and he was clearly overcome with compassion for her," Pam Finlayson told the Republican National Convention in Tampa on Thursday night. She was talking about the man of the hour, Mitt Romney, and the love he demonstrated as a lay bishop in the Mormon Church. Her daughter was born three and a half months early, with grave medical problems. ... more

Paul Greenberg - Fri Aug 31

Of all things to be expected at a national political convention, with its balloons and confetti, its pep-rally chants and general hullabaloo, the last thing to surface in such a surreal sea of glitz and glitter might be a glimpse of reality. Sighting reality in those parts would be as surprising as seeing how folks really live in those glamorous ports of call where the sleek cruise ship puts in just for the day. ... more

Oliver North - Fri Aug 31

MY LIVING ROOM COUCH -- It was the political convention that almost wasn't. In the run-up to the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla., Democrats and their fellow travelers in the so-called mainstream media claimed that the GOP was waging a "war against women," depicted Mitt Romney as a heartless felon responsible for the death of a woman who lost her health insurance and blasted Romney for choosing Paul Ryan as his running mate. ... more

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