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Mike Shedlock - Wed Apr 24

In past elections, as many as 40% of the eligible population did not vote. This brings a very large pool of voters that may turn out for the anti-Euro AfD party. Bernd comments "All indications show that AfD has a huge potential to convert nonvoters to voters. If election turnout is high, seats in Parliament may look drastically different than today." ... more

Rachel Marsden - Tue Sep 25

While news in America continues to be dominated by the usual election-cycle fare of gimmicky talking points, gratuitous finger-pointing and constant bickering over which presidential candidate is best qualified to steer the country into the iceberg, some other countries around the world, such as Great Britain, are thinking ahead to identify possible lifeboats and passing freighters. ... more

Frank Gaffney - Sun May 13

In the space of two weeks, three European governments have fallen, sending seismic shock-waves across the continent and calling into question the experiment that has consumed its elites for decades: the construction of a centralized, socialist superstate known as "Europe." ... more

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How Europe's crisis resolves itself as yet remains unknown. ... more

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Our head of state is now in Cannes, France, at the G-20 summit, gallivanting with elites from the planet's most powerful economies. For the first time since his 2008 presidential campaign, Barack Obama isn't the center of attention. ... more

Mike Shedlock - Fri Nov 4

Resolution of the European mess has been all about how to bail out banks at taxpayer expense even though banks brought this mess on to themselves by treating sovereign debt as if it had zero risk. ... more