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Matt Vespa - Tue Jun 30

It's a dinner, relax. ... more

John Stossel - Wed Jun 24

Bill Murchison - Tue Apr 21

Jeff Jacoby - Wed Dec 26

Whatever else the New Year brings, at least it won't be a presidential election or any of the primaries, caucuses, or conventions leading up to it. Which is more than OK with me. American presidential campaigns have grown excruciatingly overlong, and I look forward to a respite from the obsessive political coverage, the ginned-up gaffes and controversies, the rush to dissect each twitch in public opinion, the avalanche of dishonest advertising and disingenuous "fact-checking." ... more

David Corbin - Thu Sep 6

“Forward,” says the reelection campaign of President Obama. It’s a natural slogan for a president with few concrete results. Why would he want anyone looking back, especially with his own mediocre record in plain view in the rear-view mirror? ... more