Anderson Cooper on Townhall

Cortney O'Brien - Tue Oct 13

Will voters accept this explanation? ... more

Ky Sisson - Fri Sep 12

The frustration and disappointment in the U.S. government expressed by Diane Foley, the mother of beheaded American journalist, James Foley, is an outcry for the desperate need to defeat ISIS. ... more

Gaza City - Mon Nov 19

While reporting on the escalating Israeli-Hamas conflict, Cooper is stunned by a large explosion behind him. ... more

Rich Galen - Wed Oct 31

For those of us of a certain age, the name "Sandy" has been connected with a comic strip character named "Little Orphan Annie." Annie, a plucky little girl who never aged much because she had been born on February 29, had a dog. The dog's name was "Sandy." ... more

Rich Galen - Mon Sep 17

Friday night I was on Anderson Cooper's CNN program, AC360 with one of my favorite debate partners, Paul Begala. As neither Paul nor I am a foreign policy expert we talked about the domestic political aspects of the riots - and killings - in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). ... more

Ann Coulter - Wed Oct 12

So far, the only major accomplishment of the "Occupy Wall Street" protesters is that they have finally put an end to their previous initiative, "Occupy Our Mothers' Basements." ... more

Ken Connor - Wed Oct 12

C.S. Lewis's famous "trilemma" confronts those who affirm the moral teachings of Christianity while distancing themselves from Christ's more difficult declarations about His deity, man's sinfulness, and the narrowness of the path to salvation. Jesus' famous "Golden Rule," is enthusiastically embraced in postmodern society while his other teachings are widely rejected. ... more

Michael Brown - Tue Oct 4

After Herman Cain told Wolf Blitzer that many African Americans have been “brainwashed” into not being open-minded or even considering “a conservative point of view,” he was criticized by Democratic strategist Cornell Belcher on the Anderson Cooper show. (Blitzer had asked Cain why the Republican party was “basically poison” to so many African Americans.) ... more

America - Tue Oct 4

"We feel it's a betrayal. 42,000 people have been killed." ... more

Tony Perkins - Fri Jul 22

There has been a frenzy of drummed up controversy about Marcus Bachmann, the psychologist husband of a Republican presidential candidate, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN). His “scandal?” A counselor in a practice run by Dr. Bachmann offered a client the service he requested. ... more

New York - Fri Jun 24

Anderson Cooper refutes misguided accusations from a Daily Caller blogger. ... more

Caroline Glick - Fri Feb 18

Identity politics are nothing more than socially acceptable bigotry. ... more

Doug Giles - Thu Feb 17

Nir Rosen is now a former fellow at the New York University Center on Law and Security because his dreadful diatribe and paltry apology just got him fired. ... more

Diana West - Fri Feb 11

The "Supreme Guide" of the Muslim Brotherhood, Muhammad Mahdi Akef, while praising Osama bin Laden, urged teaching young people "the principles of jihad so as to create mujahidin who love to die as much as others love to live." ... more

Rich Galen - Mon Feb 7

Katie Couric (D-CBS), Brian Williams (I-NBC), Anderson Cooper (?-CNN), and Christiane Amanpour (Christian Democrat-ABC) all bailed out of Egypt when their corporate masters decided that having them in Cairo was not adding enough news value to offset the risk of physical harm. ... more

Larry Elder - Thu Jan 6

The biggest political "lie" of 2010? ... more