Americans for Tax Reform on Townhall

Michael Schaus - Fri Apr 19

Politicians are now getting creative about slowing down the economy. This so-called “Robin Hood” tax would impose a tax on each financial transaction conducted on Wall Street. But, strangely, the part that should be most annoying is the name. ... more

Daniel J. Mitchell - Thu Apr 18

We almost always face an uphill battle in our efforts to restrain the power and greed of the political class. And in some areas, such as the fight for pro-growth and humane tax reform, I see very little reason for hope. ... more

Katie McAuliffe - Mon Mar 25

Retailers claim nationally that states could raise $23 billion in revenue if they collected Internet sales tax, and then they whine when taxpayers point out that it is a tax increase. ... more

Bob Beauprez - Tue Mar 5

While the President argues for ever more revenue, the fact is Americans are paying record amounts of taxes particularly in the wake of the fiscal cliff deal he muscled through on January 1, 2013. ... more

Heather Ginsberg - Sun Feb 3

Bob Barr - Wed Nov 28

Despite the ponderous complexities of modern statutes and regulations (the text of the legislation that became “ObamaCare” was some 2400 pages long), some things actually are quite simple and straightforward. Take the Second Amendment to our Constitution. Despite decades-long efforts by gun-control advocates to twist its meaning into a vehicle with which to limit gun rights, the Amendment’s crystal clear operative language – “the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed” – is the law of the land (thanks largely to the Supreme Court’s 2008 Heller decision). ... more

Katie Pavlich - Wed Nov 7

Katie Pavlich - Tue Sep 18