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President Obama pressed the U.N. General Assembly Tuesday to enforce the chemical weapon ban in Syria and announced America will supply $340 million, in addition to the previous $1 billion, to the effort. ... more

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Russian President Vladimer Putin has done a pretty good job in the past week embarrassing the United States on the world stage and now, he's written an op-ed in the New York Times to futher prove his points and explain is position. ... more

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A few days after the election of 2012 the very talented Michael Ramirez published a political cartoon that perhaps conveyed a more profound meaning than he anticipated. He depicted a pair of hands extending from star-studded sleeves (presumably from a mendicant Uncle Sam), which were held in supplication, as though waiting for a handout or petitioning voters to relinquish more of their earnings to the federal government. ... more

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With the troubling devastation of Hurricane Sandy on our nation's doorstep -- and so many people in need of food, shelter and emergency services after the storm -- I encourage Americans to reach out to our neighbors and help them through this challenging time. ... more

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The US has unique responsibilities. Is that so hard to understand? ... more

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OK, President Obama, if you and your defenders insist on denying that you've repeatedly apologized for America, then let's quit mincing words and acknowledge you've done worse than apologize. That works for me. ... more

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Last week, after the first presidential debate, I spoke at an architecture school in downtown Los Angeles. One of the questions the moderator asked was about American exceptionalism. The foam flecked to his lips at the very phrase. What, pray tell, was American exceptionalism, he asked? ... more

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On September 11, 2001, Americans were reminded of two things—the dangers of terrorism and the greatness of the United States. ... more

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To be sure, it’s possible to reverse this trend if we implement entitlement reform. But how likely is that given the short-sighted outlook and self-interested attitude of the political class. ... more

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Proving yet again that its first principles and ideas that drive people to become Republicans, almost in spite of itself the GOP has an emerging generation of leaders that seem dramatically superior to the current one. ... more