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Chris Edwards - Wed Feb 13

With regard to the Army Corps of Engineers, pork barrel politics, boondoggles, and environmental harm have been the modus operandi for more than a century. ... more

Political Calculations - Tue Feb 12

Once investors shift their gaze to a more distant future quarter however, we can expect stock prices to fall sharply, as the expected change in the growth rate of trailing year dividends per share for 2013-Q3 and 2013-Q4 are both deeply negative. ... more

John Ransom - Mon Feb 11

I know, I know: You find it hard to believe that a mostly-owned subsidiary of the United States government and the Obama administration- like GM is- could get any stupider than say Fannie Mae, or Federal Reserve Bank. Yes, that’s tough competition, but in the “idiocy” category GM seems to be the ruling champion. ... more

Marita Noon - Sun Feb 10

No one wants to send a species to extinction, but when a chicken that can be hunted and cooked for dinner is proposed as an endangered species, one has to question the entire program. ... more

Marita Noon - Tue Jan 8

In Virginia, Governor Bob McDonnell declared that he was going to make Virginia the Energy Capital of the East Coast—after all Virginia is blessed with abundant resources such as coal, offshore oil and one of the largest uranium deposits in the world. His plans have been thwarted by the federal government. ... more

Marita Noon - Sun Sep 2

When you hear claims that additional Clean Air Act regulations will improve public health, think about the broader consequences. An America without abundant, available, and affordable energy is not an America that benefits the middle class or the poor. It hurts. It is unhealthy. ... more

Paul Driessen - Tue May 8

Thereby protecting environmental values, endangered species, jobs and human welfare ... more

Paul Driessen - Tue Apr 10

The Obama Administration’s anti-hydrocarbon ideology and “renewable” energy mythology continues to subsidize crony capitalists and the politicians they help keep in office – on the backs of American taxpayers, ratepayers and motorists. The latest chapter in the sorry ethanol saga is a perfect example. ... more

New York - Fri Mar 16

Mitt Romney tells it like it is. ... more

David Limbaugh - Fri Mar 9

How much truth is there in President Obama's latest favorite mantra that we consume a disproportionate share of the world's oil, especially considering how little of the world's reserves we have? ... more

Cliff May - Thu Mar 8

Islamists are a diverse lot. Some are what diplomats like to call “violent extremists.” They want to kill you. ... more

Katie Pavlich - Mon Feb 6

Kelvin Kemm - Wed Nov 30

We must demand scientific rigour on climate change, or we will reap the consequences ... more

John Ransom - Mon Oct 31

A green company hurtling towards bankruptcy with strong ties to Senator Harry Reid paid a director the lion's share of $750k for Obama loan guarantees. ... more

Austin Hill - Sun Oct 30

“Energy independence.” Doesn’t that sound like a great idea? Unfortunately, in the era of Barack Obama the goal of enabling the United States to meet its own energy needs has been subverted by some very destructive politics. ... more

Reuters News - Mon Oct 24

Paul Jacob - Sun Oct 23

Some common complaints reveal more about the complainer than about the object of grievance. ... more

Reuters News - Thu Oct 20