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Alaska Governor

New York - Fri Mar 9

New documentary about the former Gov. of Alaska, "The Undefeated". ... more

Debra J. Saunders - Fri Sep 9

Texas Gov. Rick Perry has a problem. The GOP primary has turned into a two-man race between him and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, it became clear during Wednesday's debate at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. ... more

Caroline Glick - Fri Aug 12

The basic concept being propounded by leading neoconservative writers and publications is that anyone who disagrees with neoconservative policies is an isolationist. ... more

John Andrews - Mon Jun 27

Palin and Bachmann know you don’t go on the playground unless you can take rough teasing, and both have survived worse. It’s a liberal man’s world in which conservative women are fair game for putdowns and the non-sexist PC rules apparently don’t apply. ... more

Michael Medved - Wed Jun 15

The headline for the big GOP debate should read “ROMNEY SOLIDIFIES HIS STATUS AS FRONTRUNNER” but the appropriate sub-head may prove even more significant in the long run: “Bachmann Makes Energetic and Well-Received Debut.” ... more

Jeff Jacoby - Mon Apr 25

Underwhelmed by the way the 2012 presidential contest is shaping up? With more than 18 months remaining before Election Day, sensible Americans have better things to dwell on than the next race for the White House. But if you are contemplating the upcoming electoral marathon, "underwhelmed" probably overstates your level of enthusiasm. ... more

Kathryn Lopez - Fri Apr 22

Young people understand human lives to be great gifts that should be offered in creative service, not spent in desperation or in demeaning disjointed or selfish ways. ... more

Star Parker - Mon Mar 28

The human spirit longs to be free. In some individuals, that longing beats so strong in their breast that they will take large personal risks, against great odds, to rebel against tyranny that has transformed their life into a tool for someone else’s will and whim. ... more

Ross Mackenzie - Thu Mar 24

A selection of quotations about issues in the news.... ... more

Michael Medved - Wed Jan 12

It’s healthy, even natural, for Americans to feel populist resentment against elites that base their status through inherited wealth and family connections. But it’s toxic, misguided and profoundly stupid to focus public hostility on leaders who achieved their positions through education, diligence and ability. ... more