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Larry Kudlow - Mon Aug 25

Michelle Malkin - Fri Jun 14

Katie Pavlich - Wed Sep 26

Bob Beauprez - Sun Jun 10

ACORN alumni and radical leftists know they have the godfather of all Community Organizers in the Oval Office, and Obama has long been in the middle of promoting the failed housing policies that led to the current crisis. ... more

Doug Giles - Sun Mar 4

Unlike many of Breitbart’s friends and admirers who initiated a relationship with him, I was forced to relate with him. And I don’t like being forced to do anything. ... more

Chicago - Fri Feb 24

Chicago Teacher's Union + Occupy Chicago + 'Action Now' = ACORN Reincarnated. ... more

Katie Pavlich - Wed Jan 11

John Ransom - Tue Dec 6

In another futile attempt to explain the late-1960s to an America that would prefer to remember the late 1990s, the people who thought up the idea of recreating the riots during the 1968 Democrat convention in Chicago, as a way of introducing Obama to America, have combined with the Occupy movement into a new movement. ... more

Elisabeth Meinecke - Mon Nov 7

Larry Kelley - Thu Nov 3

In attending the occupation of Oakland, I was struck by how the American Left has coalesced around the advocacy of Saul Alinsky, a man that 99% of the so called 99%ers have doubtlessly never heard of. ... more

New York - Wed Nov 2

"They're funded by Acorn, they have another name [New York Communities for Change]... paying people $100 a day to come out here." ... more

Carl Horowitz - Sat Oct 22

As Occupy Wall Street demonstrations have gone national and now global, observers are taking note of the prominent role of labor unions in this anti-business crusade. The rote denunciations of “corporate greed” at these events could be lifted from almost any AFL-CIO convention speech. ... more

Bob Beauprez - Sun Jul 31

The DOJ admits another 60 banks are already under "investigation." Holder's demanding the banks sign "non-disclosure" settlement agreements barring them from talking while allowing the DOJ to operate behind a curtain of secrecy. ... more

Tony Perkins - Fri Jul 22

There has been a frenzy of drummed up controversy about Marcus Bachmann, the psychologist husband of a Republican presidential candidate, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN). His “scandal?” A counselor in a practice run by Dr. Bachmann offered a client the service he requested. ... more

Doug Giles - Sun Jul 10

I’m sorry. I got that header wrong. It was a black mob that ransacked convenience stores and hammered a group of white people in Milwaukee this past July 4th weekend. Dang it. I ain’t ever gonna make it in this business. I’m such an idiot. ... more

Mark Baisley - Sun Jul 3

Several months after the Bill Clinton staff moved out of the West Wing in 2001, George W. Bush’s press secretary Ari Fleischer confirmed to the Washington Post that the outgoing liberals had trashed the place. ... more

Lurita Doan - Mon Jun 27

If Obama’s policies are so successful and if the country is doing so well, why do Americans see this growing desperation in Team Obama? ... more

John Ransom - Wed Jun 15

For 2012, the subtext of the campaigns will likely be the intended consequences of legislation, like Dodd-Frank, that doesn’t even attempt to address the problems that they are supposed to ameliorate. That could benefit Michele Bachmann outsider bid to be president. ... more

Robert Knight - Tue Jun 14

Even with the demise of ACORN, a lot of people are worried about voter fraud in the upcoming 2012 presidential election. ... more