99 Percent on Townhall

Walter E. Williams - Wed May 2

President Barack Obama and Wall Street occupiers, along with their allies in the mainstream media and on college campuses, have maintained an ongoing attack on high-income earners, people they call 1 percenters. Listening to their deceitful demagoguery, you would naturally think of them as 99 percenters, but you'd be dead-wrong. ... more

Lincoln Brown - Wed Jan 25

What would we all do if we didn't have someone who made his fortune pretending to be someone else telling us how everything else is? It's all in a days work for Robert Redford. ... more

Kyle Olson - Thu Jan 5

Earlier this week, a Virginia-based organization came under fire for leading 3rd grade students at Woodbrook Elementary in Charlottesville to write a song titled "We Are Part of the 99." ... more

Virginia - Wed Jan 4

"They want more money, a faster ride, they're not content -- never satisfied. Yes, they're the 1 percent." ... more

Charlotte Hays - Tue Jan 3

After turning himself into a veritable caricature of the 1 percent he derides at every opportunity, President Obama has suddenly discovered his true calling: champion of the middle class. ... more

Pasadena - Tue Jan 3

Or, at least, that's what she yelled to a cheering Occupy Rose Parade crowd. ... more

New York - Fri Dec 30

Try to contain your excitement. ... more

Denver - Thu Dec 22

Again proving they are just average Americans -- with an affection for creepy masks -- protesting peacefully. ... more

America - Fri Dec 16

"You talk about the 1 percent as if they are the only group affected by your actions." ... more

Kyle Olson - Fri Dec 9

We have come to appreciate the Occupiers for their fundamental misunderstanding of economics. We’ve also come to look forward to the latest arrest statistics or video of delusional protesters weeping for their Lost Tent City. ... more

Harry R. Jackson, Jr. - Mon Dec 5

If they were serious, the OWS Protestors would stop comparing themselves to Civil Rights activists of the past and learn from them instead. ... more

Doug Giles - Sun Nov 27

As I watch the various college-aged Occupiers in their True Religion jeans talk about how bad they’ve got it while they tweet on their Macs during a catered lunch consisting of salmon filets with dill sauce as a Rasta Columbia grad student strums gently on his Washburn 118SW, I keep thinking, “You charmed babies don’t have it that bad.” ... more

Katie Pavlich - Thu Nov 17

AP News - Thu Nov 17

New York - Thu Nov 17

"You've been here 8 weeks and you already have a ghetto?" Thank you, Daily Show. ... more

Doug Giles - Sun Nov 13

This past week I was in Texas with my family honoring our wounded troops with our 3rd annual Texas Purple Heart Hunt. For the last three years the Giles Tribe has gathered (along with several others) at one of Roy Burnes’ ranches to celebrate America and those who keep her safe by hunting deer and drinking beer while listening to great music as we roast the flesh with the best of the best. It was truly a great time deep in the heart of Texas. ... more

New York - Wed Nov 9

Some do... some really, really don't. ... more