2012 Budget on Townhall

Washington, DC - Mon Nov 21

Rep. Hensarling and Rep. Becerra speak with Fox News regarding the Super Committee Debt Deal. ... more

Carrie Lukas - Tue Nov 8

Cutting $1.5 trillion from the federal budget, supposedly the goal of the Super Committee, sounds daunting. When you put those numbers into the context of the total federal budget and our exploding national debt, however, you realize it shouldn't be so hard. The Committee's real challenge—and it's a doozy—is a political system that discourages common sense. ... more

Kyle Olson - Mon Nov 7

According to the propaganda of the teachers unions, these are bleak times for public education. Younger teachers are being laid off, school employees are making benefit concessions, and unions are losing bargaining privileges. ... more

Peter Ferrara - Thu Nov 3

At the Heritage Foundation last week, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan demonstrated why he doesn't need to be running for President to be framing the debate for 2012. He delivered there on October 26 a breathtakingly beautiful speech on Saving the American Idea, which defines the Spirit of 2012. ... more

Rich Tucker - Wed Nov 2

When politicians head out on tour, it’s often because they need to drum up support for unpopular policies. ... more

AP News - Tue Nov 1

Mike Adams - Wed Oct 26

Diversity never held anyone together because people usually bond over their commonalities, not their differences. At one little state-run university, diversity is starting to cause a great campus divide. It all started when the university decided to merge the Physics and Physical Oceanography Department with the Geography and Geology Department. ... more

David Limbaugh - Fri Oct 21

What are we to think about a president and vice president who blow nearly a trillion dollars in borrowed money, accept no responsibility for it and then traverse the nation trying to convince Americans that if we don't spend half that much again, people will die from dilapidated bridges and women will be raped because we can't afford cops? ... more

AP News - Fri Oct 14

Amy Oliver - Sun Oct 9

According to a 2009 study from Stanford University Energy Modeling Forum, “analysis…concludes that the advantages of increased jobs from renewable energy are vastly over-stated at costs prevailing today. It will require dramatic break-through in costs if renewable energy is to become a job generator.” ... more

John Ransom - Fri Oct 7

Now in a reprise of Obama’s Eat-My-Peas moment from the courageous debt ceiling debate that rallied his base, the president issued more threats to me, you and your elected representatives. Maybe this is a sign he’s running his reelection campaign solely on solar now. ... more