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Poll: Americans Strongly Oppose Obama's Tax Hike on "The Rich"

in al, 60h Wrote: Jul 16, 2012 6:10 PM
You're going to get 4 more years of him, that's what.
brimley Wrote: Jul 16, 2012 6:25 PM
Why would he need it?

Obama set the standard. Now you guys gota live with Romney/Rubio
Liz772 Wrote: Jul 16, 2012 6:23 PM
Possibly, and unfortunately that is what it will take for the useful idiots like yourself to finally understand what you voted for.

Remember that there will always be rich people in this world, even in a socialist/marxist utopia. But you won't be one of them, you will be a surf....and you will take the crumbs that they provide or else. Be careful what you wish for.
byeBarry Wrote: Jul 16, 2012 6:14 PM
Don't think so, the black experiment is a total failure, affirmative action is not in play, the hussein is done.
brimley Wrote: Jul 16, 2012 6:12 PM
only if we move to Kenya, where he will be.

Let's set the scene for all this.  2012's Barack Obama is demanding that Congress raise taxes on "the rich."  That's nothing new; it's been his default position since...well, forever, really.  But 2010's Barack Obama agreed to delay his tax increase dreams for reasons he explained at the time:


"I am just listening to the consensus among people who know the economy best. And what they will say is that if...