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When you have no legitimate answer to a question, just ask the questioner to simply stop talking. Sounds like "logic" 101.
McCarthyist much?
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Romney's Brief Date With the NAACP

in al, 60h Wrote: Jul 12, 2012 7:20 PM
#1) The civil rights struggle has yet to be won. #2) And "elite blacks" formed the NAACP?!? The NAACP was founded by a group of three WHITE people. Approx. sixty people signed the foundation's charter. Seven were African American.
God Bless everyone who thinks for himself? You are most-definitely at the wrong site.
Well, Biden's reception was a bit warmer than Romney's "standing ovation" that never happened: And Biden was booed only once - when he said he had to wrap up his speech:
I think I saw one woman stand up at the end of the speech, but she just may have been getting up to leave. I certainly didn't witness a standing ovation.
But I'm glad that you were honest enough not to deny that you'd deport the actual Messiah upon His return. Jesus...not American.
Someone was referring to Obama as the black messiah. Jesus was darker than Obama. Obama should be called the white messiah.
I'm sure if one of you ran into an undocumented carpenter named Jesus, you'd just label him an illegal, complain that he stole your jerb, and kick him out of the country.
Where did Sarah Palin go to receive healthcare when she was a child? And does that mean that Sarah Palin was an ILLEGAL? ...such an inhuman word to call someone.
Nana82 is right. This is yellow bloggism. (We need a new word for it.)
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