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My boss is a Mormon, and I've known some KKK members when I lived down south. They're quite different.
I wouldn't go quite that far.
The REALLY smart "rich" folk offshore those jobs to underage laborers in China.
Women who have unprotected sex are murderers. If life begins at conception, and (at minimum) two thirds (66%) of conceptions either fail to implant or spontaneously abort, women are little more than walking, talking, baby killing machines.
Obama ran for president too.
No. There are social progressives who are simultaneously fiscal conservatives. For example - let's stop spending trillions of tax-payer dollars murdering people in the name of terrorism. ("Fighting terror with terror" is just another way of saying we've become the terrorists.)
(Do you REALLY think you'll receive a logical reply?)
Conservatives highly over-value ignorance - for the masses anyway. Take a look at Romney's education.
You would rather be led by under-educated former beauty queens?
"NO ONE paid 90%" Is that right? Then let's raise them back up there again!
When you have no legitimate answer to a question, just ask the questioner to simply stop talking. Sounds like "logic" 101.
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