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Hey Obama, David Cameron Has a Strategy

zuni Wrote: Aug 30, 2014 7:14 AM
The delay of the fraud leader here just shows that he does not want to tip his apple cart. Waiting to do nothing just gives isis the time to implode this country. He has a bunker to go down to, but we will have to scramble on our own. Hope all have weapons because it is getting to the point of no return. Soldiers on the border now!!!
Why on earth are people afraid to stand up for this country and do whatever we have been doing and ignore whoever is telling us what we can or cannot do. This has gone way too far and I'm sick of the Muslims and they need to get the hell out of America. We don't need or want them here. They are as evil as Satan.Speak up Americans and don't stand for all the stuff being thrown around as to what we should do or not do just to appease the murdering slime balls.
Excuse me for saying this, I think the dems and the pres. all have brought the country to its knees. but we will not give up the fight to have you sir impeached. You are the most sorry person America has ever had and we cannot wait for you to be out of sight. So hold your tongue when speaking about the Republicans etc. We have kept America running and not into ruins like you and your Muslim friends.
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Our Oddly Disconnected Odd President

zuni Wrote: Jul 21, 2014 6:40 AM
Me and Joe get shakes all the time? Man, he sure doesn't know English very well. No telly so guess that is why he can't speak. Think all the dope he used or is using gets to whatever is left of his brain? He is loving his vacation time as President. Money to those who don't need it and none to help the poor and homeless etc. here. A catastrophe for sure!
Time she and others left the White House.TIred of her grumpy look and the way she dresses. Not lady like at all. Poor daughters if in fact they are hers. Maybe they are rentals for now? Clintons can also leave. Has beens. Dried up. Go please!
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Wanted: Babysitters on the Southern Border

zuni Wrote: Jun 14, 2014 7:06 AM
This is way out of control. Send them all back and just say we have no room at the inn.They don't speak English and have no clothes, money home, so they need to go back to their families. Stop all at the borders.
There is no need to keep them here. Put them on a plane and take them back to S. America. We don't need them, want them and as they said, resources will once again be put to the limit. No parents, they need to go home. Another ploy by the tarantula in the White House. Bring the people over, run us the Christian Americans out and wala, he will then teach them the koran etc and have his Muslim nation. Why is no one stopping his craziness in this debacle. This is stupidity at the worst. Send them home. With the droughts, tornadoes, flooding we have had that we cannot handle, here come all these kids. The imposter needs to resign or congress and us need to impeach. Some one stand up for us. This is our country not the muslims, mexicans etc. We are on over load as is,
My gosh, has every gone mad?We need to send children and others back over the border and get our troops down there to secure it. No one else seems to care who the heck crosses over. We have no more room in this country! No water, no crops, We cannot handle any more people. Darn it. Doesn't any one in Washington get it? They all are soooo old they probably stay up all nite drinking and then sleep during the day in their chairs. ugh. Despicable.
Bozo has already destroyed this country. We need a president to bring America back!
Throw Obummer under the bus,not on the bus. This is beyond words for me. We have poor in this country being snubbed at, but let the illegals in and they will get all the benefits. Isn't that peachy? We need to stop this madness now!
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