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Clark's Two Dads

zsingerb Wrote: Jun 15, 2013 7:05 AM
What the heck movie did this guy see??? "True Superman fans will sense the authenticity not seen in a Superman effort since perhaps the original writers came up with the concept," doesn't even describe the LACK of authenticity. Even the Supersuit is wrong. "It doesn't bow to the alter of political correctness. " excuse me? Jenny Olson? A black Perry White? Clark Kent was never the angst ridden kid who didn't know who he was, that was Bruce Wayne. Clark Kent was that midwestern consverative kid who grew up with the powers to do great things, for Truth, Justice, and the American way, not someone who had to figure out why he was sent to Earth. Why was not important. What was important was who the Kent's raised him to be. He has one Dad. And his name wasn't Jack. His father sent him to Earth to save him from the Krypton's destruction. Martha and Jonathan Kent raised him to be one of us.
Ann Anon Wrote: Jun 15, 2013 3:14 PM
Good read on the original. They lost me in the big budget first movie with Christopher Reeves. I was not crazy about the heavy smoker Lois or the get away that resulted in the loss of his super powers. But what really got me is when he got his powers back by dumping the girl and he proceeded to get even with the bullies who had previously taunted him. Shooting fish in a barrel there.