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I guess John Dodson's case against Katherine Eban's Fortune article will procede.
Sounds like a deal was made for the "bottom up" Horowitz white wash, now lets see those documents.
She followed orders, therefore rewarded. Nothing to do with competency.
Holder can't leave until he smothers the life out of Fast and Furious as the 2nd anniversary of Brian Terry's murder approaches. As he told Jason Chaffetz, "You have to understand something about how Washington works".
Rice is ambitious and politically competent or compliant. She looked into those camera lenses and sold that video. She's the "shamwow" girl.
I'm curious if Eban had access to the files Dennis Burke leaked on Dodson.
Yes, I know. Our president may think he's an MD/ OB-GYN or an authority on all things female.
Money wasn't the problem and Elijah Cummings knows it. He used the same argument with fast and furious. The lowly Charlene Lamb manages 1.2 billion in assets according to the State Dept. website.
Joe means what he says.
This reminds me of the Feb 4, 2011 bogus letter sent to Grassley, later claiming it was the best information they had at the time.
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