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Read the book. Connect the dots. Call for DOJ to turnover documents.
Emory Hurley let Kingery go claiming the grenade parts were novelty items according to CBS.
Evidently, there were paid informants who facilitated and directed the flow across the border and to the cartels. Interdiction would've ruined the whole scheme. Of the guns that were interdicted, most were by local law enforcement related to some other crime, according to Lorren Leadman. Knowing that the DOJ is going to redact a significant portion, I still want to read Dodson's account.
I want to read Dodson's account. The taped conversation between Hope MacAllister and the FFL is fascinating. They seemed to know that F&F was headed toward Congressional hearings and that Grassley had been blocked by Leahy on the Senate side.
Obama can say anything he wants anytime he wants. He knows that PBS and the "legitimate media" have his back. He blasted some SC Justices and he certainly knew they were in an audience. Option 4 is that it is politically and strategically deliberate and all low risk.
How many of the remaining 11 are functionally literate?
The system cannot be repaired and Michelle Rhee, along with other progressives, know it. No matter how many smart boards or computers the result is mediocrity. Is it true that 39% of Chicago teachers don't send their own kids to public school? What about DC teachers?
Anne Marimow and the WaPo have kicked off the publicity campaign to restore the reputation of Jason Weinstein, just as others have done for Ron Weich and Dennis Burke. Lanny Breuer, who also has a dot connecting disorder, remains secure. They all will resurface but Brian Terry won't.
Hilary suffered from a stomach virus which led to dehydration that caused a syncopal episode that led to a fainting spell that caused a concussion that also resulted in a venous blood clot behind the ear due to the fall. She has been treated for all of these maladies and she has no neurological sequelae. She may want to wear a helmet to the hearings.
Be careful not to get Michael too upset. Treat him like you would a sick friend and offer him some warm apple pie and ice cream and say in a non threatening tone; "Mike, perhaps you're right". Ask him if he has a friend to talk to. Compliment him often, he likes that.
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