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Yeah, either that or you guys just don't have viable candidates.
Get over it. America rejected the party of no. Now you have until 2024 to evolve and catch up with America. That's when Hillary will leave the White House.
Is this the Rovian math that is such a joke?
Pavlick always does this. It's her job to obscure and slant the news to generate clicks from the angry right.
Hate being wrong, don't you?
Tilt. Your observation skills are lacking. Romney believed a Faux News lie, thought he had Obama by the nads, but then proceeded to step in it big time. The fact that Crowley confirmed the FACTS Obama had shared only made Mittens look more like the loser he turned out to be. You gotta get out of that Faux News Bubble. Seriously.
You're a regular Ted Nugent up in here! Wow. What a heavy burden those delusions must be...
If stating FACTS is an agenda, then by all means, more Candy!
Tilt. Boehner SIGNED OFF ON IT.
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