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Friday Fun: Women Take Biden’s Shotgun Advice…and Fail Miserably

ZoiePress Wrote: Mar 01, 2013 12:53 PM
Hahaha. Next year he should co-host the Oscars with Seth ... He will go over just as flat. All kidding aside, the VP's comments are just another example of declining common sense mentality in America. However, we don't have to curl up and do nothing. We can stand tall as a family and do the right thing. In his book, Damascus Road, author L. Charles Holt wrote about the decline of America but what as a family we can do about it. Damascus Road is a story of love of family, digging deeper than you thought possible when facing insurmountable odds and making your own luck until you ultimately succeed even as the world crumbles around you. God Bless America. Thank you. Zoie Press