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The Bully Administration

ZoeB2 Wrote: May 27, 2012 11:35 AM
Perhaps you should read the quote from the Journal of Clinical Endocrinological Metabolism again. The one where an XY mother gave birth to an XY daughter. You do know that most people who have XY chromosomes are men, don't you? That they're the "sex chromosomes"? The DNA mentioned in the article?

Much has been said about the bullying history of both of the presumed presidential nominees for 2012.

Last week a North Carolina teacher was put on paid suspension because she got caught bullying her own classroom on the topic of which candidate had been the worse bully years previous.

Bullies--we are told--are the cause of everything from eating disorders to teen suicide.

The Trayvon Martin case had originally been sold through the media as a case in which an older vigilante wanted to bully a young child.

Bullying as a subject itself has even been bullied...