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Rand Paul: We All Owe a “Debt of Gratitude to my Father, the Champion of Liberty”

zmazurak Wrote: Nov 17, 2012 11:09 AM
What ugger garbage. No, we don't owe ANYTHING to Ron Paul. He's a traitor, an Islamic propaganda mouthpiece, and an ally of the hard left on defense, foreign policy, and social issues. As for limited government - don't make me laugh. Ron Paul is the king of pork. Every year he brings back hundreds of millions of dollars of pork he secures in approps bills through amendment despite casting meaningless votes against their final passage (knowing full well they'll pass the Congress anyway). Ron Paul is a traitor and a scumbag. Shame on you, Mr Doherty, for writing this hagiography.

I’m sure by now regular readers are well aware that Texas Congressman Ron Paul is serving out his 12th -- and final -- term in the House of Representatives and will soon retire from public life. Somewhat unexpectedly, however, during his humble and moving final speech on the House floor a few days ago, I was surprised to hear him speak, among other things, about his “failure” to rein in the size and scope of government during his long and distinguished political career. To some extent this is undoubtedly true -- after all, the United States is headed straight...