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A Foreign Policy of Arrogant Meddling

zmazurak Wrote: Oct 24, 2012 3:35 PM
As for Republican skepticism of the government, Sullum clearly doesn't understand that providing for the common defense is the highest CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY of the federal government. He clearly doesn't see the difference between providing for the common defense on the one hand, and spending money on Solyndras, teachers, and bridges to nowhere on the other hand. He knows nothing about conservatism and Republicans and does not understand either conservatism or us Republicans. Shame on Townhall for publishing this pathetic screed.
MoreFreedom Wrote: Oct 24, 2012 4:02 PM
Your post regarding "providing for the common defense" is such that it means defending and policing the world. Not the CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY to defend the USA.

Joe Biden stated we went into Afghanistan to get Bin Laden, so why didn't we leave and invade Pakistan when he went there? Why didn't we leave Afghanistan when we killed Bin Laden?

I guess conservatism means chasing monsters all around the globe, and invading nations that haven't attacked or threatened us. So let's go invade China and get rid of the oppressors there too. And since the Chinese have billions of potential soldiers, we'll be drafting you, your wife and children. And we'll need your money and property to pay for it as well.

A year before Mitt Romney picked him as a running mate, Paul Ryan gave a speech in which he discussed the promise and peril of the Arab Spring. "It's too soon to tell whether these revolutions will result in governments that respect the rights of their citizens or in one form of autocracy ... supplanting another," he said. "While we work to assure the former, American policy should be realistic about our ability to avert the latter."

More generally, Ryan said, "American policy should be tempered by a healthy humility about the extent of our power to control events in...