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Gov. Christie Signs 10 Gun Bills

Zircon Wrote: Aug 10, 2013 7:49 AM
If this RINO gets the nomination, I'll vote for anyone else, including Clinton. At least I would know what I'd be getting.
I live in Prescott, so let me clear up a few inconsistencies. First, there was a spotter. He was #20 in the crew, was away from the crew on high ground, alerted his crew that winds had shifted, and managed to escape when another crew gave him a ride out of the area. The proximal cause was a monsoon approaching from the NE that caused the winds to reverse direction and blow the fire backwards over the heroic 19. Monsoons are preceded by large winds, up to 40 mph is not uncommon. No doubt an accumulation of underbrush provided fuel for the fire but our area has been in drought conditions for over 10 years, and the high winds advanced the fire rapidly, fueled by the underbrush. I also live in Oregon and have seen first hand the devastation of the timber industry due to the spotted owl. There are no arguments from me that the eco-whackos have usurped far too much power and influence over sound forest management practices.
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Is This Still America?

Zircon Wrote: Jul 16, 2013 8:35 AM
La Razza caters to Mexican Hispanics, not to half-Peruvian Hispanics.
After listening to the prosecution's "evidence" I was convinced Zimmerman would be exonerated. The evidence was just not there, despite the MSM trying to manipulate the case. People don't understand that once Martin went for the gun that Zim had no choice but to pull it and shoot first. Anything less and he would have been shot. One of a cops biggest fears is loosing retention of his weapon in close contact with a perp. No different in this scuffle. Martin was pretty stupid attacking Zim in a right to carry State. His stupidity cost him his life. Read the Breitbart piece about consistent, unrelenting media manipulation of the case. They were egregious in their pursuit of hanging Zim. I give Zim a less than 50% chance of surviving unless he goes expat and gets the hell out of Dodge. Wouldn't want to be a juror, either, especially the black woman once the press starts leaking their names. I'll be surprised if that doesn't happen in the next week or two. I'm glad to see justice prevail, but it was certainly a cliff hanger, you just don't know how a jury will be swayed on emotions.
Borders, language, culture. Without them, America ceases to be as we know it.
Still blaming Bush 4 1/2 years later? Can't you be more creative than that?
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Obama Cheated, That’s How

Zircon Wrote: May 11, 2013 11:06 AM
Zer0 has been cheating his entire life. Why should he change now?
"Liberalism is a mental disorder." I rest Savage's case.
Right on!
Being the hypocrite that Maher is, he'll pack up and move out of Kali. Don't let the screen door slap ya' on the a rse on the way out...
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