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Romney Ad: Actually, Obama's Already Raised Middle Class Taxes

zipher Wrote: Oct 03, 2012 9:22 PM
Republicans say Mitt paid too much income tax with a tax rate of 13.9%. They say he has already paid a tax on his investment income because his investments were funded with his hardly earned income. I went to Med school and paid a lot of money for tuition as an investment in my career. Can all my future earnings as a doctor now be taxed at 15%, like Willard's?

I was wondering when the Romney campaign would start to respond in earnest to the parade of Obama ads claiming that Mitt Romney plans to raise taxes on middle class Americans, then Joe Biden opened his mouth.  Chicago relies on an incomplete, thrice-debunked study to draw the conclusion that Romney has designs on tax hikes for middle income workers, irrespective of the evidence and despite calling them out for "