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Roadblocks Blocking Amnesty

Zgrateful Wrote: Apr 09, 2013 9:50 AM
Illegal is as illegal does. They got here illegally, because they are illegal, make a better life in their own countries, ours is being brought to it's knees, with their socialist beliefs and behaviors. Leave us alone.
The amnesty bill that the Gang of Eight has been working on in secret has sprung some leaks so we can identify several major flaws. The Senate Budget Committee reports that there is nothing in the plan to comply with the federal law that states that any immigrant is "inadmissible" who is "likely at any time to become a public charge."

That is the text of Section 212 of the federal Immigration and Nationality Act. The Gang of Eight appears to be willing to allow those who illegally entered the U.S. to obtain legal residence without demonstrating that they will not become...