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Federalism Could be the Solution to GOP Branding Problem

Zerubbabel Wrote: Dec 14, 2012 3:20 PM
Do you not uphold the higher principle of the rule of law, I.E. legal vs illegal immigration? The Leftist desires a world where the needs of all poor people, legal or illegal, are met. The Nazis never dreamed of a perfect world. They dreamed of the world as it was, yet only with them as masters aka the next great Romanesque Empire/Reich.

To understand why Republicans have a "branding problem," you first need to understand how the system is rigged against conservatives.

Such is the schizophrenic dysfunction of our politics: We constantly demand "conviction" politicians who will "do what's right" and then condemn them, often in the same breath, for being unwilling to put aside their conviction and their sense of what's right.

But such condemnation does not fall equally on conservatives and progressives alike. For the progressive's principle is, at its core, more. Do more. Spend more. Spend more doing more. Any compromise of progressive principle in this regard is seen as...