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"That's where the sinners are (UNCW)" I thought it was Christian doctrine that we are ALL sinners and we ALL fall short of the glory of God. The halls of academia are no more target rich than anyplace else. "and he can influence his students." The sign of a superior teacher is that his students will have no idea what his political, religious or philosophical opinions are. Anything less is not education but indoctrination.
Oh, OK. Let me see if I'm too stupid to understand your point. If Adams, a Christian, fails to get a promotion it MUST be because the school was prohibiting his freedom of religion. This is the same logic that if a black man fails to get a promotion it MUST be because he is black, or if a woman fails to get a promotion it MUST be because she is a woman, or if a LGBT fails to get a promotion it MUST be because he/she/it is gay. And God help any institution that does not immediately promote a gay black woman to the very top!
You are asking for bigger and ever more intrusive government. Your distinction that this ever expanding government will be as good for the goose as it is for the gander is no comfort at all. Thanks a lot.
You make a valid distinction. The functioning of a public organization should be treated differently than a private one. At a minimum the public organisation should be transparent (which our government is woefully not so, but that is a different discussion) while the private one should not be required to without due process of law (4th amendment). But what you are advocating is that the employee of the government should be subject to different laws than the employee of a private concern. The issues of specific policies and regulations should, IMO, take a secondary position to equality under the law, or one law for everybody.
The end result of an appeal is to determine if "the higher status is denied because of subjective issues independent of the requirements." Therefore, according to your argument, every disgruntled employee has the "right" (as many here have written) to an appeal to judge and jury because he didn't like his raise, or lack thereof. You are advocating that the government should insert itself into every employment relationship ... or is it only this one?
What Grant describes is a human trait not limited to left-wing academia. I think Thomas Jefferson even included himself when he wrote: "The moment a person forms a theory, his imagination sees in every object only the tracts which favor that theory."
Good point. Everybody involved in this issue has jettisoned their principles in self-interest subjectivity.
I don't think you can read through the rhetoric to distill the issue down to it's essence. Let me try to help: Person A celebrates that the government forced his employer to give him increased compensation. Person A then goes on to condemn person B for arguing that it is wrong that the government would get involved in this employment dispute. It is the same argument that has been made so many times in issues like unions and minimum wage disputes. The only remarkable thing in this whole article is that person A is a Rightist and person B is a Leftist. The whole ideological landscape has been inverted solely because we love Mike Adams and hate left-wing college professors. Seek objectivity.
Can you quote the constitutional clause that defines this "RIGHT"? The right to not be misjudged by one's boss stands right next to the right to affordable housing - i.e. invented rights of the Nanny-State
"the right to appeal the decision" of promotion/termination etc. The employment relationship is a mutually beneficial voluntary agreement. The small-government conservative principle is to vote with your feet. The big-government leftist principle is to get the nanny government to step-in and make everything nice. So which of our enumerated constitutional rights is our "RIGHT" to appeal our Boss's evaluation of us? My point is that because of the players involved (Adams good. Academia bad) we have thrown conservative principle under the bus and all these supposed conservatives on this forum want government to step-in and make employment relationships nice.
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