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Hand Guns are the New Segregation

Zenith Nadir Wrote: Jul 20, 2014 11:24 PM
Other things that used to be agreed among some 'scientists': Evolution is nonsense. There is life on Mars. Humans shall never reach the moon. Malaria comes from bad air. The numeral '0' doesn't exist. Pi only equals 3.1 _ _ _ _ (insert ethnicity) are inferior to _ _ _ _ (insert ethnicity). The world is flat. Earth is the center of the universe. Earths continents did NOT originally form one massive pangaean supercontinent. DDT (dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane) is perfectly safe. Thalidomide is perfectly safe. Radium is perfectly safe. When 'science' is influenced / affected / controlled by money, fame, or politics, it is the duty of a free people to question that 'science'.
Come come now. Thats no way to stick up for your fellow transgenders.
If your criticism of Ann Coulter is so accurate, why are you adopting the techniques you accuse her of using?
Actually, no. It was not from a private diary. It was from the 1930 edition of Treatise on the Gods. According to my research the passage was removed from later editions at Mencken's direction.
So you're saying you approve of taxation being used as a punishment? How intrinsically Democratic of you.
She's a mother!.....well, an absentee mother anyway She's a wife!....who was cuckolded numerous times She was a senator!....without any significant legislative acts She ran for president!.....but lost to someone with even less experience She was Secretary of State!.....a position gifted to her by the guy she lost the nomination to, and from which she quit without leaving any legacy but ineptitude She's brain damaged!....oops, I meant she's prone to blood clots....darn it.....this is hard.
What is the point of a congressional subpoena if the recipient can just say "Mmmmm no....i've got errands to run that day."???!!!
Mao Tse Dong called Hillary.....he wants his wardrobe back. And his ideas.
No, he isn't being fired. He's being robbed. There's a difference. When rights to private property can be disregarded based on mob rule, Life and Liberty aren't far behind.
This comment of yours makes NO sense.
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