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Golly, now i'm starting to reconsider the embarrassment Hitler must have felt, and how justified he was in his consequent actions. And Stalin, the poor guy must have felt perfectly miserable. Maybe THIS is why Obama is such a di ck. Republi....er, no....conservative media embarrassed him, and now he's having a tantrum! In which case, i'm surprised Bush didn't drop a nuke on Hollywood & Vine.
Isn't the absence of a Christmas tree a Muslim tradition? And a Jehovah's Witness tradition? And a Jewish tradition? I expect that beards worn by UMaine employees will be shorn off because they reflect religious attributes. Those UMaine employees who wear turbans, beards, curly sideburns, who use prayer rugs, who carry rosary beads had better get with the pogram.....oops, program. Campus cafeterias had better hide the publicly available kosher foods. Jehovah's Witnesses had better NOT refuse blood transfusions in public. And conserving paper may favor Druids, so I expect memos printed in triplicate. No, quadruplicate!
I know its easier, but don't blame all of us atheists (or aspiring atheists) for the misguided work of these PC idiots. Most of us don't care about religious displays in public places. Realize that you too are an atheist. For instance, you don't believe in Thor, Shiva, or Allah, do you? And yet beauty continues to exist. Also, using "diversity" as a slur when it suits you, yet as a blessing when it favors you, is downright Clintonian.
Obama is the 'Coyote' in Chief.
To put a finer point on it, I mean... If Gowdy says "You said mean bad things! Apologize!", Gruber can (and did) say "I apologize for saying mean bad things. I'm dumb and sorry." and it gets him nothing but a mock-embarrassed, slimy Gruber. If Gowdy says, "Are you telling me, from the scrutiny of an expert M.I.T. economist, that ObamaCare is a tax and was recognized as a tax by yourself AND the administration long before the SCOTUS decided it was a tax?!?" you can expose and diminish his "expert" credibility. He can't confess that he was conjecturing without destroying his career.
I enjoy Trey Gowdy. I really do. But he and the other Congressmen dropped the ball here. The proper approach to take against Gruber isn't only to malign him for his indefensible and hurtful comments (boo hoo) and subjects about which he isn't an expert. The proper approach is to attack his supposed expertise. By and large, Gruber is an expert economist (not 'real' Austrian School economics, of course, but whatever...), so when he addresses the tax issues and the cost issues involving ACTUAL ECONOMICS, that's where he can be exposed as the lying, cheating, obfuscating, misdirecting, political wannabe that he is. His fraudulent and disingenuous behavior, whether he's lying to Congress now or lying to his colleagues then, shows him to be a liar and a dishonorable man unworthy of his professional credentials or reputation (previously considered outstanding). He is a sniveling, whiny coward, and I would hope that the Massachusetts Institute of Technology would fire this clown. Out of a cannon. Into the sun.
Holder and Obama are neither in nor of the black community. They had 'moved on up' ages ago. Its certainly debatable if Obama ever was part of the black community.
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This Just In: Tesco is Sexist

Zenith Nadir Wrote: Nov 26, 2014 1:54 PM
Alarm clocks are fun for boys? Since um, when?
Do you think that if some other 'wholesome cherub' had been killed instead of Michael Brown, would Michael Brown be comfortably at home, nestled in bed, praying to God that the lives and fortunes of Fergusan MO residents be safe and protected? Or would Michael Brown be stampeding through the streets throwing bricks and bottles, and smashing storefronts to loot potato chips and TV sets?
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The Dense-o-Crats Learned Nothing

Zenith Nadir Wrote: Nov 09, 2014 5:47 PM
On Nov. 3 you said the GOP would not win a senate majority. And yet they did. Doesn't that information indicate that your reasoning is flawed? And if you were wrong about that, perhaps you're wrong about this. As for living under a Fascist Oligarchic (sic), we're already there. How do you like them apples?
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