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Washingtonians, when the Feds come to your door with notice that you have failed to comply with their firearm registration, and demand that you present your firearms, use their very own words: I lost them.
Firstly, please Katie, I love you dearly. But its "America". It isn't "Merica", "'murica", or "Murica" or any of that other idiotic, addlepated, illiterate nonsense. Its America. Secondly, Morgan is partly right. Britain didn't win 2 World Wars, seated or otherwise.
Interesting argumentative technique, GW.....1.) establish argument 2.) attempt to demonize opponent 3.) repeat argument Its not very original though...coughalinskycough
How kind of you to ask the burning questions on everyone's lips,....and then answer those questions with a cop out "Many believe..." assertion. Why not just skip the questions and jump straight to the assertion? Many believe the Obama administration ISN'T innocent, too. How much closer to the truth has either assertion gotten either of us?
If I recall correctly, she is also against against murder and attempted murder, so she seems to be completely consistent in her views in regard to that. You however....I assume that you, will_ethan1980, are in favor of: • legalization of ALL drugs (both medicinal and recreational) • legalization of ALL self-termination • legalization of ALL internal organ sales (i.e. one's own) • legalization of ALL surgical procedures (regardless of AMA and gov't approval) Otherwise,....you are enabling straight republican men to pass legislation limiting your control over YOUR OWN BODY. SHAME, will_ethan1980. Back to the Hypocrisy Ages with you. Stop enabling these bastards.
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Hand Guns are the New Segregation

Zenith Nadir Wrote: Jul 20, 2014 11:24 PM
Other things that used to be agreed among some 'scientists': Evolution is nonsense. There is life on Mars. Humans shall never reach the moon. Malaria comes from bad air. The numeral '0' doesn't exist. Pi only equals 3.1 _ _ _ _ (insert ethnicity) are inferior to _ _ _ _ (insert ethnicity). The world is flat. Earth is the center of the universe. Earths continents did NOT originally form one massive pangaean supercontinent. DDT (dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane) is perfectly safe. Thalidomide is perfectly safe. Radium is perfectly safe. When 'science' is influenced / affected / controlled by money, fame, or politics, it is the duty of a free people to question that 'science'.
Come come now. Thats no way to stick up for your fellow transgenders.
If your criticism of Ann Coulter is so accurate, why are you adopting the techniques you accuse her of using?
Actually, no. It was not from a private diary. It was from the 1930 edition of Treatise on the Gods. According to my research the passage was removed from later editions at Mencken's direction.
So you're saying you approve of taxation being used as a punishment? How intrinsically Democratic of you.
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