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Two Years After a Very Modest Proposal

Zenarts Wrote: Feb 24, 2013 8:19 AM
Let the Adults handle it: Brian Birdnow is wrong about how we got into this Recession and wrong about how we can get out of it. The deficits are the results of the Bush administration’s two major tax cuts for the wealthy, his major new entitlement program i.e. Medicare Part D, and his sharp increases in defense spending. Another reason for the financial mess is the fiscal irresponsibility of the House Republicans who are more than willing to play fiscal brinkmanship if they do not get their way. Someone should remind them they lost the Presidential election. The majority of voters do not agree with tax cuts for the wealthy and spending cut for Social Security and Medicare. President Obama has proposed both tax hikes and spending cuts, a...
Zenarts Wrote: Feb 24, 2013 8:20 AM
....balanced approach. However, the House Right-Wingers are obsessed with only tax cuts for the wealthy. They play their brinkmanship games hoping to get concessions under the threat of national default. It shows not just brinkmanship but an attempt to negate the results of an election that gave the President Obama and the Democrats the legitimacy to solve the fiscal crisis their way. The Right-Wing controlled House will not extract a concession on spending cuts via negotiations since the elections and public opinion are with the President Obama. The Right is not interested in the Roman ideal of shared sacrifices since it is too much to ask their beneficiaries to pay more so teachers, students, and workers will not have to pay more. Since..
Zenarts Wrote: Feb 24, 2013 8:20 AM
....the Right is not capable of governing and managing the economy in ways acceptable to a majority of American voters, It all the more important that liberal economics take center stage, now that Right-Wingers in Congress are more concerned with adhering to the ideological purity of its base. It is the reason the Right-Wing loons in Congress are more focused on obstruction and obstinacy rather than responsible governance. The Right-Wing House is not able to think and act responsibly because of backlash concerns and primary challenges from the loons in its own base. Therefore, the adults in Congress, the Democrats and the President, should take care of the civic and fiscal health of the nation. Zen

Last week the inside pages of the daily newspapers mentioned something that should alarm every American taxpayer. The little noted expiration of the two year old payroll tax break of 2011-12, and the consequent increase of the Social Security payroll tax from 4.2% of wages paid to 6.2% of wages paid became effective on New Years Day, 2013. The roughly 140 million Americans on corporate payrolls will see their take-home pay shrink commensurate with their income. Those earners at the poverty level will see a $ 234.00 yearly tax increase, while those in the highest income bracket subject to the tax...