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State of the Union: Failure

Zenarts Wrote: Feb 24, 2013 8:56 AM
....rights for gays. The Right-Winged controlled Republican Party is responsible for the recession and the two wars abroad that are bankrupting us. The GOP is also making recovery impossible with its politics of brinkmanship, obstruction, and no compromise on the great issues of the day. It is the Right that has rejected Obama’s ‘balance approach’ to spending and tax cuts in favor of reckless cuts to Social Security and Medicare. President Obama will get his way by either executive orders or by mobilizing the public, the Alinsky method, to pressure Congress to his way or the highway. The road he is taking is in response to a Congress that has no concern about reducing pollution, dealing with the consequences of climate change, or ....
Zenarts Wrote: Feb 24, 2013 8:57 AM
....transitioning to renewable energy. He has no other choice since he is dealing with people not accessible to compromise. The same Right-Wingers so concerned about government meddling in our lives have no problem putting their noses into women’s panties and doubling down on their war on women. Reagan makes one correct point; the out of power status of the GOP in terms of the White House, and Senate, and MSM bias. Let us hope it stays that way. Zen

Our failure in chief gave us his annual blurred vision of America again Tuesday night.

Based on his State of the Union message, Barack Obama’s eyesight is as ideologically impaired as ever.

Despite four years of failure, he still sees only one road America can go down to regain its economic health.

Not down the capitalist road of free enterprise and liberty that made us the richest country in history.

He wants to continue down the socialist road to more federal government -- which means more Obama taxes, more Obama spending, more Obama debt and more...