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Mr. Hugo Chavez, You Were NO Fidel Castro

Zenarts Wrote: Mar 11, 2013 11:26 PM
....understands that, the sooner they can save themselves by working with the man and not obstructing him. The Right feared Chavez not because he was a revolutionary, but because he was a democratic revolutionary who won four elections that even former President Carter said were fair and honest. For all its anti-revolutionary rants and ravings, the Right-Wing fears real democracy. How else can you explain their attempts to destroy real democracy via voter suppression, gerrymandering, Citizens United, suppression of community organizers like Acorn? How else can you explain their attempts to destroy President Obama with obstruction and obstinacy? They fear President Obama may be another Chavez in the making. So don’t worry, be happy....
Zenarts Wrote: Mar 11, 2013 11:27 PM
.....Chavez was no Fidel, and Obama is no Chavez. President Obama would have to be determined to destroy the GOP, and not try to work for some imaginary ‘grand bargain’ with people who hold him in contempt. Then he would truly be transformative. Viva Chavez. His strategy, leadership, movement and message will endure long after he is gone. -Zen

Events this week showed that in the pantheon of heroes for America’s liberal elite Hugo Chavez was a pathetic D-lister. The Venezuelan buffoon never amassed even a teeeeeenzy fraction of Fidel Castro’s U.S. celebrity, tycoon and politician fan-base. OK, so Sean Penn, Oliver Stone, Michael Moore, Joe Kennedy, Rep. Jose Serrano all expressed admiration for Chavez upon his passing. Big deal!

Listing Fidel Castro's A-list celebrity, tycoon and politician fan-base would waste half of Townhall’s bandwith, on something easily found here.

The Republican National Committee scolded Democratic Rep. Serrano for his affectionate tweet to the dead Chavez. Good for...