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The Most Important Story Line: Star Parker should tell us the most important and most powerful story line affecting whites and blacks as workers. Black progress hinges on working class progress regardless of color. Unlike many in the white working class, blacks know who their class enemy is. While many in the white working class have sided with right-wing conservatives for racist reasons, they unknowingly vote against their own interest. The attacks on black progress originates in an economic system that is also attacking white workers’ wages and benefits and right to organize. Any thoughts white workers may have about white conservative politicians giving them special privileges is a pipe dream. The conservative movement is out to destroy all workers power regardless of color. Failing that, they will amplify racial differences to forestall working class unity. The oppression of black workers is double that of white workers. They are purposely discriminated against because of their color and as members of the working class. Black people do not have to be told what white conservative, ruling capitalist elites are all about. They know for certain that white conservatives are racists; are for rich people at the expense of working families; and are out to destroy the safety net for all workers regardless of color. The question is not how long blacks will continue to buy the liberal line. The question is how long the white working class will continue to buy the conservative line of race divisions and race baiting, behind which Right-Wing conservatives keep the working classes divided in order to carry out class warfare to benefit the 1%, while destroying the labor movement and workers’ power. Only the growing inequality that conservatives push will make that kind of class consciousness and unity possible. But Star Parker, like most black conservatives, will never give us such a narrative because she is too well paid not to speak truth to power. Zen
A Traitor to Her Class: I admit to having to laugh at some of Paltrow’s comments, but I say it is Jeff Crouere who cannot think clearly. Patriotic and hard-working Americans understand the real obstacles to higher living standards and a secure future is in the hands of the corporations and their right-wing advocates. Ideas about how the country should be governed are published by ALEC and sponsored by big corporate donors like the billionaire Koch brothers, not labor unions or the working poor. The hypocrisy of accusing Paltrow of wanting to eliminate elections by the very right-wingers whose voter suppression laws have been declared unconstitutional, does not deserve a decent or polite reply. I agree that right wingers and their corporate sponsors should not be placed in political internment camps, but their political rights and liberties should be limited as they would do onto others. Her attempt to identify with the working poor is not a bad thing. Few millionaires can, or are willing, to identify with the working poor, especially right wingers dead set on destroying working class power and labor unions. In fact the Right would call anyone identifying with the oppressed as a ‘traitor to their class.’ It is a label Paltrow should wear with pride. Obviously, Jeff Crouere’s goals and Gwyneth Paltrow’ goals for America do not match. Unleashing the free market in the way the Right-Wing plans will only hurt working families and the 99%, for the benefit of the 1%. That is the choice American will make when they go to the polls. Zen
Missing the Point: Right-Wingers miss the whole point of the article. Michael Barone wants to attack liberals and President Obama for letting things get out of control in domestic and foreign policy. But he does not mention the bipartisan cooperation needed to fashion and implement policies if they are to be effective. This is true especially when one party of extremists is more interested in shutting down government, or wasting all its time investigating the trivial and nonsensical in order to discredit the President. Hopefully lack of bipartisanship will change since the RINOs won a whole series of primary races where they ‘crushed’ their Tea Party challenger. For example, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky; Linsey Graham of S. Carolina; Thom Tillis of N. Carolina; Thad Cochran of Old Miss; Pat Roberts of Kansas. Government works best when it is bipartisan, not when one party takes the attitude of ‘my way or the highway.’ The Right-Wing Tea Party has nothing to celebrate if the GOP is headed for a midterm victory. Give all the credit to the RINOs. Also watch how independent they will behave since they owe nothing to the Tea Party base. They may also propose a stimulus package and alternative to Obamacare that is even more liberal and progressive. You got to love those RINOs. Zen
On the Garbage Dump of History: The problem is not the stimulus that was not tried because of right-wing obstruction; or higher taxes on the wealthy, also obstructed from the right; or Obamacare whose success the Right is attempting to undermine and prevent expansion of, which would save lives. The problem is a Right-Wing do-nothing Congress that refuses to govern and is more concerned with subverting good government and wasting all its time investigating the trivial and nonsensical. Good government is impossible to implement when those who stand in its way have a vested interest to their corporate masters to undermine government and ‘prove’ its incompetence. Return the Right to power and you will really see incompetent government. Expect a stagnant, not growing economy. Expect more foreign wars and violence abroad. Expect more spending cuts for education. And expect more attacks on unions and workers power and their standard of living. So yes, government does not work well if your aim is to subvert it and prevent it from passing and implementing policies like the economic stimulus or Obamacare that will put people to work and put people before profits. It just a matter of time, but the Right-Wing is on the road to oblivion and decisive defeat. It is just a matter of time, and we will see them on the trash heap of American history. Zen
Killing the Dream: The Europeans doing tax and spending cuts are coping the American dream killers, the Right-Wing Tea Party. When the Right-Wing discuss the American dream they are talking tax and spending cuts that will deliver the American dream to those who are already wealthy. It is as if they expect anyone/everyone to become billionaires overnight. The truth is the middle and working classes have a more modest image of the Dream. For them it is enough to get into the middle class or to stay there without downward mobility. The right-wing should read Piketty, the French economist, whose best-selling book is on capital and how growing income inequality is killing the dream. So much of that income inequality is inherited. Those families with a lot of money to start with will be able to concentrate wealth in fewer hands and pass it on to their children. And then talk trash about how they ‘earned’ their income rather than how it was pass on to them by inheritance. Working families just want a secure middle class existence with social security in old age and a college education for their kids, nothing extreme. Yet the Right panders to the already rich and provide them with the opportunities to get even richer with tax breaks and de-regulations. The Right panders to those who already have the American dream and are eager to concentrate even more wealth into their hands. Yet those who vote for them and their surrogates are only cutting their own throats. Zen
Bad Military Advice: Austin Bay offers bad military advice. It is the route to defeat, not victory. A better military advisor would be Sun Tzu, a Chinese general whose military treatise “The Art of War” is still relevant 2,000 years after it was written. Clausewitz was a German general whose obscure hard- to-read 19th century ideas applied to European battlefields where ‘winning’ involved only capturing the enemy’s capital, not a long drawn out slog half way around the world against colonial peoples fighting foreign occupation. His ideas also applied to the American Civil War where mass armies clashed with other mass armies on conventional battlefields, and where mass violence and destruction won wars. But the Clausewitzian way of war is irrelevant on battlefields in the third world where insurgency and guerilla tactics trump Western firepower and modern technology. These are anticolonial, national liberation, and jihadist/religious movements where war is truly an extension of politics. The enemy is out to win, not in the short run but in the long run, when exhaustion and dissent at home forces removal of occupation armies abroad. Chiang Kai-shek lost the Chinese Civil War because he and his American advisors were using Clausewitz, while Mao and his revolutionaries used the works of Sun Tzu. The Vietnamese General Vo Nguyen Giap defeated French and American armies with advice out of Sun Tzu’s ‘Art of War.’ While Diem and his American advisers use Clausewitz. History’s judgment will not be kind to American Wars of the 20th and 21st century since they used the playbook of Clausewitz, while winners use the playbook of Sun Tzu, Alinsky, Che, Fanon, etc. Bring the troops home and forget Clausewitz. He is an irrelevant, Eurocentric, outdated, and useless military advisor for these kinds of fights. Zen
A Coalition of the Willing: A coalition of Arab states should be the ones to police their own people. It is their region of the world, so let them police their fellow Muslims. Why are these right-wingers pushing for a holy war of Christians against Muslims? We did that a 1000 years ago and guess who won? If a coalition of Arab states are unwilling fight their own people, then let us stay out of it. All you will get is an endless war against religious fanatics who will do anything to defend their faith. Yet the right-wing attempts to scare the American people with some bogey man of terrorism. We can give them military equipment, much of which has already fallen into the hands of ISIS. We can give them advisers, and we were in Iraq over ten years, and all we have to show for it are Muslim allies who turn and ran. Why do we need to commit any ground combat troops to do for them what they refuse to do for themselves? But that is exactly what these Right-wing generals advise. What exactly are the constraints that President Obama is putting on the US military? After more than 10 years and billions spent, they should have accomplished whatever mission given them. It certainly was not to build the Iraqi Army, that mission was a failure when those troops threw their weapons away and ran. Now these generals want to put American combat troops in to take the brunt of the fighting. Bring the troops home and let the Arab states take care of their own if they are willing. If not, then let not one American soldier be put in harm’s way. Zen
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Mob Rule Economics

Zenarts Wrote: Sep 13, 2014 10:39 AM
No Justice, No Peace: Private and government decisions that do not allow participation in those decisions by the majority are not worthy of respectable ‘law and order’ especially when those making the laws are the same ones paying workers peanuts for wages or suppressing their votes with so-call voter Id. That is not what democracy looks like. Workers resort to so-called ‘mob-rule’ when they do not get justice or a least a fair hearing in other forums. Sowell must think low-wage workers are stupid. Besides demanding higher wages, low-wage big box, fast food, retail and service workers are also demanding the right to unionize, a demand the big boxes like Walmart are resisting. The big boxes and fast foods resist unionization of their work force as a way to drive down wages and benefits they do not want to pay to begin with. Progressives have a slogan, ‘no justice, no peace.’ As long as the big box employers want to deny their work force a decent living wage, there will be no justice and no peace. Thomas Sowell can call it mob rule economics all he wants, but what workers are demanding is in the best traditions of the labor movement. And no Right-Winger whose intentions are to destroy the unions and pay workers substandard wages while CEOs make obscene incomes and tax breaks will ever change that. Zen
Create a Wasteland and Call it Peace: All the consequences that GW predicted are the results of his war of choice, not necessity, against Iraq. Blame ISIS on Bush. He unleased forces that the US cannot now control by deciding to attack Iraq without finishing the war in Afghanistan. If Saddam was not our SOB, he did at least control Islamic Fundamentalism via brutal suppression. When we took him out, there was no one else that could have done a better job. So we committed our own troops to die and bleed. Obama is just trying to clean up the mess the Right-Wing neo-cons left him. Now they want to blame Obama for the mess they created? Ridiculous. GW could have avoided all this by taking the advice of his father who obviously had more common sense not to get involved in a land war in the Near East by NOT going on to Baghdad after the First Gulf War. Since the end of the Vietnam War, a principle of US wars is not to start them unless we have an exit strategy, not stay there as an endless occupation force until colonial peoples accept our version of ‘nation building.’ The money and resources spend on occupation could have been better used to provide jobs or universal health care at home, but that is outside the sphere of Right-Wing thinking. Obama is now finding out how difficult it is to ‘exit’ because of the mess left him by the Right-Wing neo-cons. He may have no choice but to stay and fight. But like the Right-Wingers, he now has no plan to end these wars except to rewrite history, create a wasteland and call it peace. Or is it called empire building? Zen
Cleaning up the Reagan and Bush II Mess: It was the incompetency and ineptness of the Reagan and Bush II Administrations that got us involved in these wars. President Obama is under no obligation to end them in the way Right-Wingers want. The President is just trying to clean up the mess. During the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, President Reagan and his military advisors, by way of the Pakistani military and intelligence, supported any and all groups resisting Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. While the policy was successful in driving out the Red Army, it left the most powerful, the most anti-Western, the most anti-American, the most Islamic fundamentalists groups in charge, i.e. the Taliban. Those chickens came home to roost on 9/11. Osama bin Laden was a holdover from those days. His targeted assassination was inevitable and necessary. Justice was done, but we should not cover up the incompetency of the Reagan Administration. The incompetency of the Bush II administration was to start a war of choice not necessity against a dictator who served American interest more often than not. Saddam Hussein like most autocrats of the Middle East served American interest by brutally suppressing anti-American as well as anti-regime Islamic Fundamentalism. Groups like Hamas and Hezbollah are very much part of coalitions rising up against such autocrats. Sometimes it is wiser to stick with the devil you know than risk dealing with the ones you do not know. Neither Presidents Reagan nor Bush deserves credit for the mess they created. The President has obviously decided these wars are ‘unwinnable’ and no longer worth the cost in U.S. lives and treasury. But he still cannot ignore history and the Right-Wing incompetency that got us involved in two unnecessary wars in the first place. Now the President has to finish up against the Islamic State (ISIS), but he cannot fix what the right-wing neo-cons have created in the first place. Zen
Key Stone Cops: Police response to racially charged incidents in which blacks are victims of unjustified police misconduct and violation of their civil rights demonstrates real incompetence. Police departments across the country have militarized their forces with military training, equipment, and procedures hoping to intimidate the community. But they only reveal themselves to be an occupying force that turn peaceful communities into war zones. Add to this, police arrest and attacks on the press makes it more likely the police will violate constitutionally protected rights and liberties, unnoticed and unreported. It is turning us into a third world nation in which the public has no control over or protections against law enforcement and its gestapo tactics. Right-Wingers defending the police should be careful what they wish for. They may be the next victims of police misconduct. Or maybe they think the police will give then a break because of skin color. Bob Barr is correct. The police and public officials in Ferguson have shown gross incompetence. If they want to occupy a community, send in the real military, but do not leave it to the key stone cops to restore order. Zen
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