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“Violence And Destruction Are Heard Within Her”

Zen. Wrote: Jul 23, 2012 2:53 PM
...affected. In times of economic crisis we should be helping people out in order to minimize the stress and emotional trauma of job losses, foreclosures, evictions, bankruptcies. To cut back on social safety nets like food stamps is to increase the numbers of disturbed, stressed, suicidal, homicidal people society has to deal with. Add to this mix the ability of young men to easily obtain guns and assault rifles, you then get the dystopia world of the Right-Wingers. What happened in Colorado is the future. Either we change it, or live with it by adopting the Right-Wing agenda. –Zen

As America reels from yet another devastating tragedy, the message of the ancient Hebrew prophets speaks to us afresh: A nation that is filled with violence is a nation on the verge of collapse. Consider where we stand today.

While grieving families in Aurora, CO come to grips with their agonizing losses, it is sobering to realize that the movie theater massacre was actually the sixth multiple-victim shooting in America so far in July, with a total of 24 killed and almost 100 wounded (again, this represents multiple-victim shootings only).

As we look back over the last five years,...