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Obama Ad: Hey, "You Have a Choice to Make," America

Zen. Wrote: Jul 26, 2012 12:10 PM
....Wingers want to stymie majority rule and democracy in favor of a plutocracy or corporatocracy. Citizens United has given the corporate elites the opportunity to buy politicians who trade their votes for campaign contributions. Yes, it is legal, but if it enables the wealthy to protect their wealth and even increase it how does that strengthen the middle classes? The career of Paul D. Ryan demonstrates how this corrupt system works. Rep. Ryan has blocked and prevented any effective oversight and regulation of the banking sector. In return, the banking industry and its major lobbying groups have funded his re-election. Ryan, in return, came to the rescue of the banking interests in the 2008 collapse of the financial sectors. He was for...
Zen. Wrote: Jul 26, 2012 12:11 PM
....taxpayer-funded bailouts before he was against them. Once banks like Citigroup and Bank of American were saved, he switched back to being a free marketer and against regulation. He also voted against Wall Street reform and taxing the obscene bonuses of corporate CEOs. On the other hand, he has a slash and burn attitude on programs for the poor like Medicaid. Ryan is a bought and paid for politician and a hypocrite. He, like so many in Congress, favors government of, by, and for the corporations. A democracy of, by, and for the people is the last thing the top 1% wants. Forward. --Zen

We sure do.  Please describe it for us, Mr President:

Where to begin?  How about with an explanation of why Obama felt compelled to cut a softer, address-the-camera spot with soothing piano music.  Here's a chart of the president's favorability as his campaign has pilloried Mitt Romney with discredited attacks (via Sean Trende):