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I also appreciate your service to God's land and people. Also be aware that Sock Monkey still trying all he can against 2nd Amendment . Who is seeing to all new Immigrants possession of firearms. Where is all accountable ammunition the Government has purchased in the last SIX PLUS Years? ? ? I can still THINK ! !
This picture shows the truth about these Jackwads ! They are snowjobing the public only in an attempt to save their J-O-B-S . Remember all these OLD Blowhards on election day, send them to the Bathroom Coffin. Either We stick -it to them, or they will continue to stick up Ours.
Ditto's curmudgeon 10, I realized this also numerous times. I like Fox news a lot and I trust them a lot but I'm seeing that at times too many liberal thinkers show - up spouting more untruth. Billy boy, ( no respect for his height/ mind ) should wise up and seek the truth in all he speaks on. He apparently Fudged on Sock Monkey's SS# issue. I'm not always correct, But I believe the truth and America deserves the Truth.
Halleluiah, Lord lift up this Righteous Man . Heap Blessings on Righteous Governments and it's people, In Jesus Name .
I know none of these people , But , in Defense of Mrs. Loesch ,I'll Pray to God that Her and my Prayers be heard by God , and God will move on Mrs. Loesch's behalf and serve Little Robert with God Almighty's Justice. Amen.
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BREAKING: IRS' Lois Lerner to Retire

zeero7 Wrote: Sep 23, 2013 4:25 PM
For awhile now I've thought that both sides are snow-balling the public. If this is true and she isn't held accountable , We (American people) should march and shut the Government down , Impeach all and instill new Leaders
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