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Somebody had a great big heaping bowl of Machiavelli-Os this morning.
16. Click bait political lists that attempt to minimize deep issues, really only meant as political dog-whistles rather than attempting any deep thought.
Coming from the website that routinely dismisses the study of english, history, the soft sciences, etc.
You assume the cops story is true. It is possible that it isn't.
So the rich are renting out homes, making more money, while the poor are stuck either being in impossible debt, being unable to qualify for a loan and getting screwed as usual. I've reconciled the fact that I'll probably never buy a home. It's sad. But thats the reality people of my generation live with.
What happens when libertarian fantasies become reality? Ask Kansas.
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The Meaning of Meaningless

ZealousConscript Wrote: Aug 07, 2014 8:08 PM
Hey Bob, looks like you took down your most recent post telling people who want a raise to go to heck. Screw you Bob. Plenty of bosses love the way you think. Keep your head down. Don't make trouble. Don't risk anything because even though you're paid half what the minimum is in your field, its better than nothing. Conservatives at work.
Carson is going to be hilarious in the primary debates. I've got ten bucks Romney or Christie hands him his own butt.
Yeah better to let them die. Very christian.
You're an idiot Scott. There is no statistically significant risk of treating Ebola here.
Unbelievable. Your complete lack of understanding of fighting terrorism is unreal. The fact that you make a veiled reference (or sick joke) to genocide is reprehensible? Tell me - who are we supposed to drop the nukes on? Gaza, where 1.8 million people live - many of them civilians living in fear of Hamas and Israel? Iran? Iraq? Turkey? The mosque in Tennessee? This whole piece is feel good bunk - talking about a solution while offering no evidence that it's at all feasible or possible. "We should just WIN THE WAR" isn't a strategy - its an idiot statement by someone in love with the idea of violence to solve problems that violence only makes worse.
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