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The Meaning of Meaningless

ZealousConscript Wrote: Aug 07, 2014 8:08 PM
Hey Bob, looks like you took down your most recent post telling people who want a raise to go to heck. Screw you Bob. Plenty of bosses love the way you think. Keep your head down. Don't make trouble. Don't risk anything because even though you're paid half what the minimum is in your field, its better than nothing. Conservatives at work.
Carson is going to be hilarious in the primary debates. I've got ten bucks Romney or Christie hands him his own butt.
Yeah better to let them die. Very christian.
You're an idiot Scott. There is no statistically significant risk of treating Ebola here.
Unbelievable. Your complete lack of understanding of fighting terrorism is unreal. The fact that you make a veiled reference (or sick joke) to genocide is reprehensible? Tell me - who are we supposed to drop the nukes on? Gaza, where 1.8 million people live - many of them civilians living in fear of Hamas and Israel? Iran? Iraq? Turkey? The mosque in Tennessee? This whole piece is feel good bunk - talking about a solution while offering no evidence that it's at all feasible or possible. "We should just WIN THE WAR" isn't a strategy - its an idiot statement by someone in love with the idea of violence to solve problems that violence only makes worse.
I'm all on board with you Kurt, really. Of course our current "war" in the middle east is fought against a bunch of loosely affiliated religious and cultural fanatics so there's no way to conventionally win this war, but I do have a solution! Genocide! Lets just start dropping nukes all over the middle east! I mean, there's really only two out comes. Either those sand n*****s get their stuff together and stop being terrorists, or we kill them all! I mean, that's not a bad set of options, right? Win-win. Everyone gets so worked up about genocide, but it works, amiright? I mean, no Catharginians anymore. Worked pretty good against the Native Americans too. It's time we took a stand and just started killing people indiscriminately. It's always worked out in the past so well.
YEAH! Absolutely let me go buy some moonshine which is apparently so readily available.
So you're for the reinstatement of the 18th Amendment then (how can police enforce driving under the influence of alcohol!) And what about cigarettes? Want to outlaw those? Caffeine? Sugar?
You're a liar Brown. The President's action is far from unprecedented. Oh, sure the specific exemption for the LGBTQ community is new, but 70 years ago FDR also said defense contractors couldn't discriminate based on race, religion, and national origin.
*can't. Apologies, long day.
You're a fool Brown. An old, ignorant fool. I see no point addressing your "argument" (yes, yes, religion good -so long as its the right religion- secular government and rational, nonsupernatural based morality bad) because you have no desire to learn. Only hate. So keep screaming your hatred old man. People like me will go on, trying to make the world better for everyone, learning to live with our differences, and rejecting the notion that two consenting adults can engage in whatever sexual contact they want.
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