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Lack of sex isn't grounds for a legal annulment, dolt. You're thinking religious annulment, which is like divorce lite for catholics
Sterile people can't have children either. Should we deny them marriage? And once again, marriage isn't based on sex. How is it BTW, that my argument has broken down, but you keep changing why gay marriage is wrong? I've remained consistent. Gay marriage OK because it harms nothing. You're the one that keeps moving the goal posts.
Already did, dolt. See below. Or do you want me to post it again?
No dolt. See the other argument you're losing.
United States. Canada. All of Europe. Thats more than three.
Whats normal? Isn't freedom the right to have consensual sex however we want?
No- because we know not everyone wants to be gay. And, even gay people want kids.
Really? Name one.
But we do- almost all of us (I really hope you do at least) because its pleasurable. HUman beings don't do everything for survival.
Or...we advance and progress. Learn more. The same societies that "used to accept that there are differences between men and women" didn't let women vote. Said races couldn't intermingle. Etc.
Legal rights, mostly. The social construct of marriage where we vow to spend our lives with the person we love. So on, so forth.
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