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YEAH! Absolutely right...now let me go buy some moonshine which is apparently so readily available.
So you're for the reinstatement of the 18th Amendment then (how can police enforce driving under the influence of alcohol!) And what about cigarettes? Want to outlaw those? Caffeine? Sugar?
You're a liar Brown. https://www.aclu.org/religion-belief/government-funded-religion The President's action is far from unprecedented. Oh, sure the specific exemption for the LGBTQ community is new, but 70 years ago FDR also said defense contractors couldn't discriminate based on race, religion, and national origin.
*can't. Apologies, long day.
You're a fool Brown. An old, ignorant fool. I see no point addressing your "argument" (yes, yes, religion good -so long as its the right religion- secular government and rational, nonsupernatural based morality bad) because you have no desire to learn. Only hate. So keep screaming your hatred old man. People like me will go on, trying to make the world better for everyone, learning to live with our differences, and rejecting the notion that two consenting adults can engage in whatever sexual contact they want.
Yes. Thats what politics is about. Mocking each other.
My girlfriend had to get an abortion. It was a hard thing. But neither of us are financially capable of supporting a child, and due to genetic issues. bringing a child to term would likely result in a very sick child. It was the hardest thing we've ever done. And I have to say, it wasn't made easier by the people screaming at us, calling us heathens, shoving signs and pamphlets and photos of dead babies in our faces, and in one notable instance, spitting on me. Yes, there were little old ladies there. No they weren't offering us love.
Newsflash: Republicans hate fun. Next on Townhall: Why Munchkin is Secretly Satan Worship The Burning Wheel: Play and Burn In Hell Scrabble: Words for Elitists Settlers of Catan: Why the EU is Terrible
Translation: GOP Senator sane.
Lack of sex isn't grounds for a legal annulment, dolt. You're thinking religious annulment, which is like divorce lite for catholics
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