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‘Unthinkable, Draconian’ Spending Cuts

Zdravko Wrote: Jan 28, 2013 10:36 AM
Man's ingenuity has saved the humanity from a large number of health disasters that used to kill millions; but the deadly sickness of the money printing press has never been conquered. Empires have nor been defeated by armies but by the money printing press - Roman empire, British empire, German empire,...And so will the American empire soon see its own passing.

It’s my job to advocate for spending cuts. It’s a job I’ve been doing in one form or another for over a decade. If I’ve ever experienced a victory, it must have been a pretty small one, because I can’t recall any.

So why do I persist?

For one, I’m a naturally optimistic person. And fueling that optimism is the press. I’m constantly reading about the possibility of spending cuts, and those articles usually say that the cuts would be major … or massive … or severe...

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