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Trusting Biden’s Malarkey

Zdravko Wrote: Oct 15, 2012 12:04 PM
I watched the debate between that bloviating gasbag Biden and the Congressman Ryan. The continuous smirks, guffaws, eyebrow raisings, phony laughs showing his bright dental implants (typical behavior of a union goon), 82 interruptions, and a total lack of respect shown by that low-IQ functional moron Biden toward Ryan, as well as the repetitious socialist sloganeering issued by the former have totally tired out this former refugees from a communist hell who had had enough listening to the same cretinous pabulum that had poisoned my youth for too many years. Biden’s one message throughout that debate was “tax the rich!” accompanied by the statement regarding the terrorist attack in Benghazi that the Obama Administration followed (cont.)

While the pundits may dismiss Vice President Joe Biden’s pained expressions and hyperbolic claims as just “Joe being Joe,” there is ample reason for voters of all stripes to be concerned with claims last week. With an electorate so distrusting of Washington (and rightfully so), Joe Biden did absolutely nothing to instill confidence that the next four years will be better than the last.

There is one line, buried at the end of a rambling answer, which not only defined the Vice President’s debate strategy, but also his belief that his folksy, blue-collar personality gives him license to send facts on...