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Soldier Girl Blues

Zdravko Wrote: Jan 30, 2013 6:29 PM
The Chairman of the chiehs of Staff said that if women cannot meet the standards then those standards must be lowered. How about the NFL and NBA? These must also accept women players 50-50%, with the standards lowered to meet this goal. As for the affirmative action in those sports - we must allow whites into them 50-50 instead of now which is 80 blacks and 20 whites.
Original Saepe_Expertus Wrote: Jan 30, 2013 7:00 PM
Zdravko....along with that splendid example of foolishness, which MAKES your point...I work in a commercial cabinet shop. Are we discriminating against BLIND people working there?

ANSWER.... NO!!!!! They aren't stupid enough to consider applying for such a position. WHY? Because you need to SEE! Women in ground combat? Physically not applicable.

What if, during the presidential campaign, Mitt Romney had accused President Obama of wanting to let servicewomen serve in combat? After all, Obama had hinted as much in 2008. What would Obama's response have been?

My hunch is that he would have accused Romney of practicing the "politics of division" or some such and denied it.

In any case, wouldn't an open debate have been better than putting women into combat by fiat? You'd think the folks who are always clamoring for a "national conversation" on this, that and the other thing would prefer to make a sweeping change after, you...